Rugby 101 | A quick guide to understanding the rules of rugby sevens

The game is played by 7 players on each side.

Games take place between two teams for a total of 7 minutes each way, with a 1 minute half time break.

The scoring system: 5 points for a try, 2 for a conversion and 3 for both penalties and drop goals

The difference is that all conversions must be taken within 40 seconds of the try being scored and must be taken as a drop goal rather than a place kick

The scoring team kicks off to the opposition

A player receiving a yellow card is sent to the sin bin for a 2 minute interval (counted as time in play, not real time) rather than 10 minutes

A penalty will result in a scrum. Scrummaging takes place between 3 forwards. These forward bind together and interlock their heads. The scrum half feeds the ball into the channel between them and retrieves the ball from the back of the scrum.

If the ball goes out of bounds a lineout occurs. Lineouts take place between two (sometimes 3) players, with a player throwing the ball back in to play.

Each team is only allowed 5 reserves per game, and can only make 3 changes during the course of the game

These rule changes are brought in to keep the game fast moving and free flowing, which is considered the aim of sevens rugby.