Ramblings of a rugby mom.

Have you ever noticed how a rugby mom is seen as just another person next to the field? Somebody who is there to be the taxi driver for the kids to rugby and back. Somebody who actually has no opinion……. yeah right!

Rugby has always been seen as a man’s sport. Something the boys can bond over and discuss….. a sport where the male spectators know more than the ref, the coach and sometimes even the players.


Let’s take school rugby trials as an example. The moms are expected to sit quietly and just watch the trials while silently saying  prayers that their sons will make the A team and then adding an extra prayer that their precious little angels will not get hurt during the season.

Now the dads on the other hand are running up and down the field….. screaming instructions. Some will actually go as far as telling the coaches who to take off the field so their own kids can be put on the field…… even if it is not a position their kids normally plays!!!! Why do dads have the right to interfere? Let me explain…… they have something we don’t…… testosterone. Yip….. they are male.



Then comes those dreaded injuries during matches. Ever noticed how it is ok for the dads to run onto the field? Have you as a mom tried it? The fastest recovery time a player has ever displayed was when his mother ran onto the field. It is not acceptable to be seen as a mommy’s boy. They would rather suffer in pain than let their mothers come near them!

So where do we as mothers fit in? Do we keep quiet and act dumb about rugby? Do we just stay behind the scenes and make sure our angels are wearing the gum guards and shoulder pads? Are we just the ones that wash those stinky jerseys after the matches….. getting the grass and mud stains out of their shorts?

If you have the answer on how to penetrate this male dominated area, please let me know. Let’s unite as rugby moms………







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